Vampire Girl
Cordelia Antoinette Burke
Slytherin | 17 | Seventh Year | My heart belongs to Caradoc Dearborn |
Cordelia is secretly a vampire. Unless she has told you or I have told you your character knows then there is no way you know. Her condition is kept secret at her own request.

All I’ve Ever Needed - Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

All I’ve Ever Needed || Cardelia

Cordelia almost couldn’t believe her luck. Caradoc giving her another chance after everything she had put him through was more than she deserved and for that reason she wouldn’t allow herself to mess it up. Tonight they were meant to go on a date, something she hadn’t done since the first time they had been together and she was far beyond nervous. Plus she intended to keep him there the entire weekend whether he knew it or not. A hand smoothed over the ridiculous dress she wore and she wrinkled her nose at her reflection. Honestly the dress was probably too much but she remembered buying it with the help of Briody Zabini and she wasn’t about to let it go to waste. Besides if anyone would appreciate it then it would be Caradoc. Forcing herself to take another deep breath she glanced at the clock and then grabbed her cloak and bag and began to make her way out of her dorm. She was meant to meet Caradoc in Hogsmeade, thanks to Dumbledore, and she didn’t want to be late. Luckily it didn’t take long for her to use the transportation the Professor had also arranged and within a few minutes she stood outside The Three Broomsticks awaiting his arrival.

Owl: It's a date then, Cory. Miss you lots.

Owl: Awesome. I miss you too, Doc.

Owl: Break in? That's not gonna do me any good if I get caught, love.... The weekend's coming up no? Maybe I can come visit?

Owl: Oh right you can get caught. Forgot how that feels to be honest. Yes. Come visit. We could spend the weekend in Hogsmeade, maybe?

Owl: Cory! I haven't seen you in a while. Why's that hmm?

Owl: Possibly because unlike you I have to attend school. Maybe you should break in and see me.

 Or am I dreaming?

Too bored to stay home || Cardelia


[He stared back into her eyes and waited, thinking this through. He loved her, no doubt about it, but what he was thinking about what might happen in the future. Then he realized something. It didn’t matter what will happen. He just knew he wanted to be with her now and that’s that. Answer found.] I am more than happy to give you, well, give us another shot. Just so you know, I’m not letting you go this time. Shattered my heart the first time, I’m not going to let it happen again. You’re staying for a long time, my dear Cory. [With that, he pulled her in for another kiss, this time more passionately. Who cares if they’re still in the middle of the isle. The other customers were watching and their hearts melted at the sight of them - well, some were, the rest didn’t care.]

-Cordelia felt her stomach flutter as a happy smile broke out on her face at his words. She wanted to apologize for ever breaking his heart and reassure him that she would never do it again but before she could he was pulling her upwards into a passionate kiss. Her body pressed into his even though she was once again standing on her toes in order to kiss him. She could feel the eyes on them but she didn’t care. She was kissing the man she loved and that was all that mattered. Eventually she pulled away to look up into his eyes- I won’t leave. I promise. -The vow was soft and followed by another sweet kiss. She would never get enough of this-

Too bored to stay home || Cardelia


Hello, I’m a Claw, how dare you question my brain capacity. [He laughed, knowing she was just joking, even if she said otherwise.]  I can’t be broken down that easily. It hurt.. but I’ll manage. Besides.. we weren’t officially together either.. so I have no say in it.  The whole school wanted her. I’m not any different, but I didn’t expect myself to fall for her.. [He spoke truthfully. He didn’t, he had only wanted to befriend the blonde, but somehow feelings developed without him even realizing it.] But Merlin knows when I will even ever see her a- [Again, he was cut off with the kiss. What is with the women and interrupting him with their lips? Smiling against her lips, he wrapped his around her lower back] So.. I’ve been wondering.. [He whispered] What are we? 

Right well as long as you’re okay and I don’t have to worry about competition then I don’t want to talk about her anymore. -Cordelia was pleased when his arms wrapped around her waist and even when he broke the kiss she remained in his arms, pressed to him. She felt good being close to him or at least she did until she heard his whispered words. Her body tensed and Cordelia honestly had no clue what to say. First and foremost she knew that she loved him and the thought of having to share him with anyone made her blood boil but at the same time she felt guilty. Could she really condemn him to that sort of commitment to someone like her? Attempting to gather her thoughts she looked straight into his eyes and took a deep breath- I’m yours. If you really want to give me another shot.